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2024 intention

The top issues from 2023

Demo culture

Signals of interface quality

The importance of tools

Designing with iOS software materials and Play

A brief expression of gratitude

Controlled fury

Choosing a company

Wearing the Number One Headband

Capturing the history of software design

The future of PLG is Design

Bay Area innovation

Galaxy Brain, Gravity Brain, and Ecosystem Brain

The case study exercise

Weekly prep

Building a static site with Replit

Waiting for AI's pull-to-refresh moment


Football's monster man as staff-level IC

My five favorite books on leadership

What EAs taught me as an operator

Customer (experience) obsession

My newsletter production cycle

The orca agile manifesto

The four types of software in the future

Burning the ships

Design methods and value delivery

The rise of the design founder

The value of continuous research

Dynamic Interfaces: Part Trois

Dynamic Interfaces: Part Deux

Dynamic Interfaces

Thinking and inking: how I use Muse

Making lasagna: the underrated act of building in private

Early tech exploration

Tech is going through a factory reset moment

Parallel paths

Early company building

Festina Lente (make haste slowly)

A primer on startup advising

Your personal design language

Don't focus on "achievement unlocked"

Have conversations

Should designers learn to survive recessions?

Why brand designers make great product designers

Should Skynet learn to code?

The role of taste (and what it means)

Pondering the future of web interactions

Embracing duality

Build better products by playing video games

Making an ergonomic workspace

Announcing paid subscriptions for Proof of Concept

Avoid running the prevent defense