For me there’s a more or less consistent process that yields results:

* continuous exposure to well-formed ideas. Unfortunately, even though Twitter has some great content, it’s too short form to take root. Substack is much better for this.

* walks to let associations between ideas passively form in the back of my head

* Freeform writing sessions to start channeling those subconscious associations (bonus points for drawing with writing)

After following this process, I rarely need to encourage my creativity, it’s more like holding it back.

The key is making it a habit. These practices cultivate the soil for ideas to sprout - it’s a never ending practice.

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hey david, some people are toxic hyperlink is redirecting to the your obsidian url

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Thank you so much for catching that! I updated with the link: https://www.miltonglaser.com/files/Essays-10things-8400.pdf

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